JCG & SW Chapter 44

Walking in Da Liang City, looking at the tragically messy and broken scene, everyone was speechless.

The whole city seemed as if countless huge boulders had rolled over it, destroying more than half of it. Crumbling walls blocked the streets and bodies could be seen everywhere. The sound of anguished wailing and blood curdling screams entered one’s ears continuously, making everyone’s heart pound. Even the atmosphere was flooded with the feeling of fear and pain.

Yu Ren Shu clenched his fists tightly, face ghostly pale, eyes red. Jiang Chao Ge and Long Xiang couldn’t bear to look directly at it, boundless anger rising in their hearts.

Liu Qing Ming bit his lip and whispered: “Ren Wang, we shouldn’t have let Xiao Xue go….”

Ren Wang sighed: “With your current strength, you still can’t kill him. Thousands of years have passed, Xiao Xue is still obsessive and evil.

Zhi Xuan humphed coldly: “Evil creature.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s ears were flooded fearful screams. There were talking of the same thing: a huge crimson rare beast had wiped out Da Liang City. This was the first time Jiang Chao Ge had come face to face with the destructive power of ancient rare beasts. It was even more crude and blunt than just looking at them. Recalling that Zhi Xuan had said that this wasn’t even a hair of their strength, Jiang Chao Ge felt his back grow cold.

“Rare beast! It’s a rare beast!” A boy with a face full of blood pointed at Ren Wang and screamed: “Rare beast! Monster!” He grabbed a stone and threw it at Ren Wang forcefully.

Ren Wang shifted his head slightly and dodged the stone, grey pupils looking at that boy calmly. It was unknown what he was thinking. His grandeur was oppressive, a calm prestige. Even just standing there expressionlessly, it made awe rise in one’s heart.

The boy’s mother seemed to have crawled over, scooping the boy into her embrace. She looked at Ren Wang fearfully, her body trembling uncontrollable.

“Rude and ignorant humans.” Ren Wang said indifferently: “I’m definitely not a monster.”

Liu Qing Ming grabbed his hand and whispered: “Ren Wang, don’t be angry.”

Ren Wang didn’t speak and continued to walk forward.

Liu Qing Ming seemed to release a breath.

Jiang Chao Ge suddenly realised that in the eyes of these ancient rare beasts, humans were really as insignificant as ants. They really wouldn’t care about the life and death of ants. The only difference was, some rare beasts were compassionate towards ants, some were neither compassionate nor hateful and purely disregarded them. There were also some that found amusement in murdering ants. He rejoiced that Zhi Xuan was at least the second type. If the one he had summoned was Xiao Xue, no matter how selfish and cold he was, he couldn’t stand by and watch his own hands be stained by the innocent blood of his own species.

They walked past the whole Main Street in complete disorder and arrived at compound at the outskirts of the city. Upon seeing that completely destroyed compound, the last sliver of hope in their hearts also shattered.

Walking into the compound, Ruan Qian Xiu was half kneeling on the ground, back upright and perfectly straight. Her head hung low, long hair covering half of her pale face, making one unable to see her expression. In front of her eyes, Jiao Jiao’s small and thin body was crushed under a pile of debris, fresh blood dying a large patch of earth.

Long Xiang turned his head away, youthful face full of discomfort.

Jiang Chao Ge walked over and looked at Jiao Jiao’s deathly pale face which used to be lively, feeling extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Ruan Qian Xiu used a trembling hand to stroke Jiao Jiao’s soft thin hair and said in a low voice almost imperceptible to the ear: “When I arrived, she hadn’t breathed her last yet.”

Jiang Chao Ge crouched down, big hand squeezing her slender shoulder. This woman had always been very fierce and brave in his eyes, yet he didn’t expect her shoulders to be so thin, as if squeezing with a little more strength could crush them. With just this pair of shoulders, she brought herself up to adulthood with no support, sought to survive within the constantly crowded Qi Clan, and could use a pair of crescent blades to perfection. Jiang Chao Ge rarely looked up to women. In his life, there had never been an important female figure. Ruan Qian Xiu was the first woman he truly admired.

Ruan Qian Xiu’s turned her face around, eyes blood red, face bathed in tears yet her gaze was as sharp as a hawk, carrying heavy anger and hatred, “I promised I would get revenge for her.”

Jiang Chao Ge said heavily: “We will make Ming Yin Association pay sooner or later.”

Yu Ren Shu waited for people to remove the debris, leapt over the wall and dug out quite a few children that were still alive along with a heavily injured Uncle He.

They placed the people into a building that had yet to collapse. They looked at the children continuously crying in pain, but were at a loss of what to do. The whole of Da Liang City was already a great mess. There weren’t any doctors to be found at all let alone spirit priests. Uncle He’s wounds weren’t light. He maintained his own life with spiritual power and was in no way able to help others.

Jiang Chao Ge took out all of the medicine in Na Wu Pouch. Those were all good medicine taken from Yu Ren Shu’s quarters. If it were normal flesh wounds, rubbing it on would be effective. But if the injury was internal or bone related, there was nothing it could do.

Uncle He called Jiang Chao Ge to the side, grabbed his arm and said weakly: “Sir, I have something I want to say to you.”

Jiang Chao Ge said reassuringly: “You have to recuperate now. Whatever you wan to say can be said after you’re healed.”

Uncle He took a deep breath, “It must be said now…… Sir please tell me, why do you want to find Wang Qin?”

Jiang Chao Ge froze. At such a time, why would Uncle He ask this question? His heart immediately became vigilant: “Uncle He, do you know of Wang Qin’s whereabouts?”

“You answer me first!” Uncle He exerted too much strength. The wound on his belly hurt so much his face twisted.

Jiang Chao Ge hesitated, “I was told by an old friend that passed away to come specifically to Da Liang City to find him.”

“That old friend, what’s their name?”

“Meng Sheng.”

Uncle He froze and shut his eyes, a face full of grief, “How did he die?”

“Died in the hands of the left general of Ming Yin Association, Chen Yan Sui.” Jiang Chao Ge looked at Uncle He, eyes brightening, “Uncle He, can it be that you’re…..”

Uncle He opened his eyes and sighed: “That’s right, I’m Wang Qin.”

Jiang Chao Ge frowned, “Why did you always hide it?”

“I didn’t know anything about you and didn’t know your objective. Tian Ling has always been hostile towards other world people. Especially after the assassination of the State Preceptor, other world people are practically equal to criminals. I have been concealing my identity in Da Liang City for many years and am one of the people other world people get in contact with in the north. Meng Sheng told you to find me because he wants me to help you get in touch with ‘Chu Yun’.”

“‘Chu Yun’?”

Uncle He nodded, “‘Chu Yun’ is an organisation of other world people scattered across Tian Ling. They have very few members but they have a strong bond and are all able. Some have already infiltrated the Four Big Clans even the royal family. That year when the State Preceptor was assassinated, we were framed. We had never thought of killing the State Preceptor. He was our only hope of returning to our own world after all. We had always bee working hard to get closer to him. We never expected the State Preceptor to actually die….”

“Then what are your plans now?”

“Our goal is set on the State Preceptor’s successor. That child is too young and is only acting as a Preceptor now but we won’t give up…..” Uncle He grabbed Jiang Chao Ge’s hand tightly, “But obviously things had already exceeded our expectations. The monster that appeared today was obviously an ancient rare beast from the legends. Sir, you must know something!”

Jiang Chao Ge muttered to himself for a while and whispered: “Actually…… I’ve met the State Preceptor before in Tian Ao City, before he was assassinated.”


“The State Preceptor assigned an important task to us. He wanted us to search for Divine grade spirit weapons and prevent Divine grade spirit weapons from forming a contract with a spirit weapon user. The reward was to send me back to my world. But he didn’t even have time to keep his promise before he died. Yet I was forced to set foot on the path to search for Divine grade spirit weapons. Uncle He, what else do you know? Anything that can help me, you have to tell me. I might have a way of returning home here and it may not rest on You Zhun but an ancient rare beast.”

Uncle He said excitedly: “I told you this because I want you to go to Yu Fa City to find a person. He is a spirit priest more powerful than me and is also a member of ‘Chu Yun’. Ask him to save these children, simultaneously introducing you other members of Chu Yun.”

Jiang Chao Ge heard ‘Yu Fa City’ and suddenly felt as if his head could explode. They had kidnapped Ruan Qian Xiu and Long Xiang from Yu Fa City not long ago and ruthlessly duped Qi Ling Feng. Openly returning is impossible. Returning in secret may not necessarily be safe.

Ruan Qian Xiu walked over, “What is that spirit priest’s name? Is it Zhao Zun?”

“That’s correct.”

“He is a customer of Qi Mansion. I’m familiar with the layout of Qi Mansion. I’ll return to Yu Fa City and bring him out.”

Jiang Chao Ge immediately said: “No. Do you realise your plight right now? Blood Temple could very possibly always be tracking us in the shadows. As soon as you’re seperate from us, you may not even be able to walk out of Da Liang Mountain let alone return to Yu Fa City.”

“You underestimate me too much. Zheng Cheng’s speed isn’t something rare beasts can catch up too.” Ruan Wian Xiu gripped her weapon, gaze unswervingly determined.

Yu Ren Shu said: “Chao Ge is right, you will only send yourself to death by going and will also delay time to save the patients.” His gaze drifted towards Ren Wang and said with cupped hands: “Sir Ren Wang, if you go to Yu Fa City you will definitely be able to bring the spirit priest back by today.”

Ren Wang glanced at Yu Ren Shu, revealing a surprised expression: “Human, you’re overstepping your boundaries.”

Jiang Chao Ge also broke out in a cold sweat for Yu Ren Shu. No wonder he was born as a prince. He had the nerve to ask an ancient rare beast for help.”

Yu Ren Shu said stubbornly: “I beg sir Ren Wang to help.”

Ren Wang glanced at Liu Qing Ming. Liu Qing Ming’s white pupils paused on Yu Ren Shu’s figure and discussed: “Ren Wang, looking at all those children suffering, I truly can’t bear it.”

Ren Wang straight eyebrows knitted slightly, obviously somewhat discontent, yet ultimately he still said reluctantly: “Alright.”

Zhi Xuan crossed one leg over the other and jeered: “Ren Wang, you actually listen so well to the words of humans.”

Jiang Chao Ge feared the Ren Wang was as childish as Zhi Xuan, jeer at him once and he won’t do it anymore. He hurriedly grabbed Zhi Xuan and whispered: “Don’t speak.”

Zhi Xuan opened his mouth and in the end really didn’t speak anymore, only pouting in discontent.

Ren Wang couldn’t help laughing, receiving several of Zhi Xuan’s scornful glances.

Ren Wang left with Liu Qing Ming. They had a hundred different ways to bring Zhao Zun to Da Liang City. They weren’t worried at all. Now all that was left was to wait.

Yu Ren Shu said anxiously: “I don’t know if the news of Da Liang City being destroyed has reached Yu Fa City yet. The north will soon explode into chaos. Then whole of Tian Ling will know about what happened today.”

“I actually think it may not necessarily happen.” Jiang Chao Ge said: “The north is so isolated, vast but sparsely populated. If they want to hide a matter, it won’t be hard at all. It all depends on what Qi Ling Feng plans to do.”

“You mean…..”

“Qi Ling Feng has always been obsessed with taking over the central region. Divine grade spirit weapons appearing in his territory can be a calamity to him, but can also be an opportunity. Don’t underestimate that man.”

Yu Ren Shu sighed: “The fate of Tian Ling….”

While Yu Ren Shu was sighing about the fate his own country, Jiang Chao Ge was also sighing about his life filled with many difficulties. He hoped that ‘Chu Yun’ could give him some help.

They waited from dawn till dusk and Ren Wang still hadn’t returned. Everyone had surrounded the wounded and bustled around for a whole day and were all utterly exhausted. They each found a corner to rest.

Zhi Xuan laid comfortably in Jiang Chao Ge’s lap yet tossed and turned refusing to sleep. Jiang Chao Ge was so sleepy his eyelids drooped and said with a yawn: “Zuzong ah, I can’t sleep with you moving around.”

“But I can’t sleep.” Zhi Xuan’s small hand cupped his face, “We are targeted by Xiao Xue, do you know what this means?”


“First, he already knew we were in Da Liang City. Ming Yin Association definitely has a spy here. Second, although I’m now in this form, Xiao Xue can still smell me within fifty Li. We must put a lot of distance between us.”

“After we cross Bei Yue Mountain, we’ll run towards the east with all our might and completely shake Xiao Xue off.”

“We can only do that.” Zhi Xuan frowned, “But you also don’t have to be afraid. I won’t let Xiao Xue kill you.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled bitterly: “Oh? How will you prevent him from killing me?”

“I have my ways.” Zhi Xuan stared into his eyes seriously, “You are mine. No one can kill you.”

Jiang Chao Ge hugged his small body and smiled lightly: “I believe you.”

Zhi Xuan buried his face into his neck and murmured: “As my servant, you have to live a little longer.”

A warm feeling flooded into Jiang Chao Ge’s heart, the corners of is mouth lifting uncontrollably.

In the dark, the sound of a light pair of footsteps came towards them. Jiang Chao Ge lifted his head. Under the moonlight, he directly faced Ruan Qian Xiu’s clear pupils.

Ruan Qian Xiu said: “I have something to tell you.”

Zhi Xuan tightened his grip on Jiang Chao Ge’s neck and glared at Ruan Qian Xiu, “What do you want?”

“It’s something important.” Ruan Qian Xiu continued.

Jiang Chao Ge stood up hastily. Zhi Xuan shouted: “You dare not take me?”

“How could I dare? I’ll definitely bring you.” Jiang Chao Ge grabbed Zhi Xuan and followed Ruan Qian Xiu out of the house. The two stood within a desolate scene, facing waves of cold wind that were quite bleak.

Ruan Qian Xiu took a deep breath, seeming to have made a huge resolution: “This secret, I thought I’d never tell anyone in my lifetime, but now I’ve changed my mind.” She looked at Jiang Chao Ge, her eyes deep yet persistent, “What I stole from Qi Ling Feng wasn’t actually an orthodox Qi Clan spiritual cultivation manual.”

Translator’s Corner

Woah woah woah a lot of revelations this chapter. Poor Ruan Qian Xiu….. although I really do wonder what she actually stole from Qi Ling Feng

I think we all kinda expected that Uncle He was Wang Qin

Happy reading y’all ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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  1. Could it be that Ruan Qian Xiu stole some UNorthodox cultivation technique? If yes, is she going to share it with Jiang Chao Ge? That would be nice – it’s high time for him to grow more powerful.
    Thank you for the chapter!

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    1. So, in other words, she’s saying to him, “I know how to make you stronger in less time, you (weakling) mc!” …Though, if you think about it, it’s starting to become a habit how other characters choose to go on keeping important and useful stuff from him, till it practically blows up in all their faces (first it was Uncle He, now it seems like Ruan Qian Xiu did as well…). I know they just met and can’t be too trusting… but hopefully the gruesome death of an entire city will serve to fully convince these people that being more straightforward with what each knows has now kinda become, urgent?

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  2. thanks for the chapter! ahh here we go, time for the mc upgrade! and i really cant help but notice how tender zhi xuan has become. it’ll do me good to remember that he could kill me if he so much as spat on me Y___Y

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  3. The cat is out of the bag, but yes, I guess we all already knew about the cat xDD

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