JCG & SW Chapter 42

While Uncle He recovered his spiritual power, he first treated Yu Ren Shu with medical skills for several days. He also bought a lot of good medicine using the money Jiang Chao Ge gave him. Yu Ren Shu’s injuries healed pretty well only he still couldn’t move around freely.

During this period of time, Jiang Chao Ge took Zhi Xuan shopping in Da Liang City, simultaneously asking about Wang Qin’s whereabouts. After asking around for two days, he gained nothing yet he accidentally discovered why a spirit priest like Uncle He would live in such squalor. As it turns out, there was another spirit priest in the city who was the distinguished guest of nobles. His skills were actually about the same as Uncle He but he liked to curry favour. After forming connections with the nobles in the city, he began to slander Uncle He, spreading unfavourable rumours about Uncle Bo everywhere in the city. If he hadn’t seen Uncle He heal Jiao Jiao with his own eyes, Jiang Chao Ge would definitely believe such rumours as an outsider.

Jiang Chao Ge also visited the spirit weapon shops, beast material shops and auction houses in the city. As a city that couldn’t be considered small, he actually wasn’t able to buy a Na Wu Pouch here. Few people had even heard of the so called half spirit weapons. It seemed that it was only in the imperial capital that everything could be found. Unfortunately he didn’t have any time to purchase anything in Yu Fa City.

He sold several pieces of scattered materials that were taking up space at a low price, earning more than six hundred silver coins and clearing up half the space in the Na Wu Pouch. He bought Zhi Xuan a few barrels of alcohol and stored up some food again. The most magical part of this Na Wu Pouch was that no matter how much food was placed in it, it wouldn’t rot. It was if the space within it was unchanging. Anything placed in it would come out in the same state as when it was put in.

Zhi Xuan was the happiest when buying things. As soon as he saw something good, he would grab Jiang Chao Ge’s neck and swing forcefully: “Want that one want that one. Buy this one buy this one.”

Tired from shopping, Jiang Chao Ge brought him to a tea house to rest. The two sat by the window with a row of snacks laid across the table. Zhi Xuan sat on the table with his legs crossed, drinking alcohol while eating snacks. Jiang Chao Ge stared blankly out the window, ignoring the strange glances cast their way by other customers. After all, it wasn’t everyday they saw a three to four year old child drinking alcohol yet the adult didn’t care.

Suddenly, Jiang Chao Ge felt something fragrant and sweet press up against his lips. He lowered his head and saw a jujube paste cake pressed against his mouth. Zhi Xuan looked at him and said simply and crudely: “Eat.”

Jiang Chao Ge opened his mouth and took a bite.

Zhi Xuan said: “What are you staring off into the distance for? Not even eating anything.”

“Thinking about things.” Jiang Chao Ge asked: “You’re not the least bit concerned about Ren Wang finding the Origin of Heaven and Earth first?”

Zhi Xuan shook his head, “If the Origin of Heaven and Earth appeared, I would immediately be able to sense it no matter how far.”

“What is the Origin of Heaven and Earth anyway?”

“Actually no one has seen it, because no one has ever truly possessed it before. It releases very strong energy, drawing us to it. So long as we’re near it, it’ll feel as if our power is extremely abundant. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s like we really want to have it. It had once appeared at the Kun Lun Fairylands. Yin Chuan was the first to discover it and guarded it for thousands of years. Later, more and more rare beasts found out about the Origin of Heaven and Earth and began to fight over it. Before I was sealed by a shaman ancestor, the Origin of Heaven and Earth was still at Kun Lun Fairylands. But now it must’ve also been sealed, otherwise it’s impossible for me to be unable to sense it.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s heart froze. Could it be that Zhi Xuan wanted to go to Kun Lun Fairylands not to find Yin Chuan but rather for the Origin of Heaven and Earth?

Zhi Xuan saw through his thoughts at a glance, “If the Origin of Heaven and Earth had been sealed, it’ll be impossible to find it. Before it appeared, we had lived for thousands of years and never knew there was such a thing. So I want to go to Kun Lun Fairylands just to find Yin Chuan.” He thought for a moment, “Of course, perhaps Yin Chuan knows the whereabouts of the Origin of Heaven and Earth. After all, regarding the Origin of Heaven and Earth, no one knows more than him. He is very possibly the only person to ever see the Origin of Heaven and Earth, only he won’t tell us no matter what, about what it actually is.”

“I think, it’s precisely because he knows what it is, that he guards it quietly preventing you from fighting with him over it.”

Zhi Xuan humphed, eyes flashing, “Yin Chuan this White Marsh, if he’d used the Origin of Heaven and Earth to command living creatures from the start, there would never have been the battle of the rare beasts for thousands of years. In the end when the human world became a purgatory, he was extremely pained by it. He persistently clung to his own ideas and principles. To me it sounds like mere trash. No matter how much he understood humanity, he wasn’t a human in the end. He couldn’t become human nor beast. Why would he make things so difficult for himself? If I obtained the Origin of Heaven and Earth, I would definitely rule over the world, making everything from a single grass to a twig listen to my orders. That way there can be true peace.

The selfish part of Jiang Chao Ge actually somewhat agreed with Zhi Xuan’s thoughts. He and Zhi Xuan were very similar in one aspect. If they could really rule the world, they both wouldn’t make a kind monarch but would rather, by means of suppression seperate bridges and roads. Allowing the world to spin under their rules, obtaining their desired peace. Just like what Zhi Xuan said, perhaps Yin Chuan, who constantly read holy books was in fact mislead by such books.

“Ren Wang had always deeply respected Yin Chuan. Only at that time, no one listened to Yin Chuan’s advice, ultimately incurring the wrath of divinity. I think, the reason Ren Wang wants to find the Origin of Heaven and Earth quickly is to avoid a repeat of past catastrophe.”

“You are now already spirit beasts after all. You can’t be considered alive yet it’s impossible to die again. How can you repeat past catastrophes?”

“You haven’t heard of overturning? Zhi Xuan stomped on his shoulder, “Overturning is, when a spirit beast has reached a certain degree of strength, they can use the spiritual power of the spirit weapon user to revive.”

Jiang Chao Ge narrowed his eyes slightly, “I’ve heard of it, but it’s said the chances are very small.”

“Of course it’s very small. The prerequisite for overturning is, the spirit weapon user also has to be strong enough. They have to at least have more than the strength of a level six spirit weapon user in order to have sufficient spiritual power to support the spirit beast. The more spiritual power the spirit weapon user expends on the spirit beast, the stronger the spirit beast will be. But at the same time, the spirit beasts sense of independence will also grow stronger. If they don’t regulate it, they will ultimately be completely sucked dry of spiritual power.”

Jiang Chao Ge became filled with terror at those words, “After being sucked dry of spiritual power, what happens to the spirit weapon user?”

Zhi Xuan shrugged, “The position of the spirit beast and spirit weapon user can be exchanged. If their relationship isn’t bad, the spirit beast will spare the spirit weapon users life. But usually they’ll choose to kill them, because the spirit weapon user also has a chance to resume the position of control once again.”

“Isn’t Shu in a dangerous situation then?”

“Yu Ren Shu will definitely be guarded against Tian Rong. Overturning doesn’t happen so easily.” Zhi Xuan humphed lightly, “However if it’s an ancient rare beast, the chance of overturning increases a lot. After all you have to pour in a lot of spiritual power to allow us to move and fight.”

Jiang Chao Ge trembled and said jokingly: “If there really was such a day, you wouldn’t kill me right?”

Zhi Xuan stroked his chin, “Relax, you are my servant. I will keep you alive.”

Jiang Chao Ge could already feel many people looking at them and thus hurried settled the bill and took Zhi Xuan away. On the road, he asked: “How do you know so much? Aren’t you disinterested in the matters of the human world?”

“In our era, humans had long since begun to use spirit weapons. This was something all humans and beasts knew.” Zhi Xuan paused and narrowed his eyes, “However, I never would’ve thought that one day, I would also become a spirit beast. If it wasn’t for the fact I’d expended too much spiritual power over thousands of years of fighting, I also wouldn’t be sealed by that shaman ancestor. I can no longer recall the name and appearance of the shaman that sealed me, but I will always remember his scent. If I see his reincarnation, I will definitely tear him to shreds.”

Jiang Chao Ge said helplessly: “Since it’s a reincarnation, how would it remember things from its past life?”

“I don’t care. When I regain my true form, I will eat every single one of those hateful things.”

Jiang Chao Ge thought, this little thing seemed to hate everyone, wanting to eat this person, bite that person at the drop of a hat, violent as hell. Being able to interact with him peacefully, even gaining his ‘concern’ truly wasn’t easy. However this also made him extremely worried. He couldn’t even dare to worry about some far away issue like overturning. He was only worried about whether or not he’d be able to control him when Zhi Xuan regained his true form.

“So do you realise why I can’t form a contract with you now?” Zhi Xuan suddenly said.

Jiang Chao Ge froze. He didn’t expect Zhi Xuan to suddenly bring this up. It seemed that Zhi Xuan had always known that during this period of time he was wracking his brain for ways to get Zhi Xuan to form a contract with him yet not press him too much.

Zhi Xuan didn’t wait for him to reply and said: “Considering the fact that you’re my servant, I want to keep you alive. Because as soon as we form a contract, unless you die, I wouldn’t be able to form a contract with another spirit weapon user. What if you are always this useless and a more powerful spirit weapon user is compatible with me. I ask you, at that time should I kill you or not?” Zhi Xuan looked at Jiang Chao Ge unblinkingly. There was actually a trace of fear inducing viciousness on that childish face.

Jiang Chao Ge said with the greatest of care: “I will become strong.”

“Humph, who knows when you’ll become strong. Summoning my true form is my lowest requirement already, otherwise how will I have the face to meet Yin Chuan.” Thinking back to being ridiculed by Ren Wang, Zhi Xuan flew into a fit of anger once again, “If a more powerful spirit weapon user appears before you reach level three, I won’t want you anymore. However, as long as a contract isn’t formed at least you can live. I will still keep you by my side to protect you.”

Jiang Chao Ge forced a smile and said: “Thank you for sparing me.”

Zhi Xuan hugged his neck, rubbing it with his forehead and humphed softly: “You’re welcome.”

Jiang Chao Ge felt that there was a slim hope of success in forming a contract with Zhi Xuan earlier and was somewhat disheartened. However he thought that what Zhi Xuan said was reasonable. After all, if a more powerful spirit weapon user really appeared, Zhi Xuan might really abandon him. Zhi Xuan’s desire for power was not inferior to his own at all, even more so because Zhi Xuan was once powerful. It was even harder for him to accept his current state of weakness. So, temporarily not forming a contract was also leaving a way for him to survive.

They returned to compound and actually saw Ruan Qian Xiu teaching Jiao Jiao how to play with her crescent moon blades. Jiao Jiao wore a face full of adoration. The two were happy and harmonious and gave off the vibe of sisters.

Ruan Qian Xiu saw that they’d returned and said with a brilliant smile, “Did you bring something delicious back?”

That smile was as if a hundred flowers had bloomed, unimaginably beautiful. Even Jiang Chao Ge was blinded by its light. He couldn’t help smiling: “How come your mood is so good?”

Ruan Qian Xiu walked over and took the things in their hands: “I didn’t have many peers to play with as a child.” She glanced at Jiao Jiao and whispered: “This child is very similar to the past me.”

Zhi Xuan said rudely: “You were also like a little beggar in the past?”

“Before Qi Ling Feng took me back to Qi Mansion, I didn’t even have fixed residence.” Ruan Qian Xiu shrugged, “They said my mother was a prostitute, but I’ve never met her. But she should be, otherwise she wouldn’t have thrown me on the streets.”

This was Ruan Qian Xiu’s first time speaking about her past. Although it was said in unconcerned tone, Jiang Chao Ge could hear that it was still a bit uncomfortable.

He’d also wondered the streets as a child. To this day, even the memories of his parents’ appearance had become blurry. That feeling of having no one to rely on, that feeling of drifting along homeless, he couldn’t understand it any better.

Yu Ren Shu was currently lying on a deck chair and basking in the sun, muttering under his breath. Jiang Chao Ge walked over to see and only then discovered that he was speaking with Tian Rong. In order not to draw people’s attention, both Tian Rong and Zui You remained in their weapons and didn’t come out.

Yu Ren Shu lifted his head and glanced at him, “You’ve returned.”

“Mn, you’re chatting with Tian Rong?”

“He said he was bored and wanted to go out and walk around. Unfortunately it’s not convenient for me to move right now.”

“How’s your leg?”

“Uncle He said he’ll help me heal it the day after tomorrow.” Yu Ren Shu said: “What about you? Do you have any clues about Wang Qin?”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head disappointedly, “No. Even though Da Liang City is said to be big, it’s not actually so big. No one has actually heard of such a person. Unless he isn’t a spirit priest? Did I ask in the wrong direction in the first place?”

“It’s not like there isn’t that possibility.” Yu Ren Shu looked at him, “Have you thought about matters after finding Wang Qin? According to what Chen Yan Sui said, there is perhaps an organisation of other world people. Do you want to join such a organisation?”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “I don’t know. Perhaps they are all working hard to think of ways to return to their own world. But in all these years apart from having the reputation of assassinating the State Preceptor, there’s no other improvements. That proves they’re expending their energy in the wrong direction.” He would rather not have companions than have companions that are like pigs. So he could only proceed step by step without a plan.

Yu Ren Shu smiled, “You are always so decisive. I like this part of you.”

“Without this kind of decisiveness, I wouldn’t dare take you away Your Highness.”

Yu Ren Shu scolded good naturedly: “Stop mocking me.”

At this moment, Uncle He came over carrying a bowl of medicinal soup, “Sir Yu, you should drink medicine.” He passed the medicinal soup to Yu Ren Shu.

After Yu Ren Shu received it, he lifted his nose and gave it a sniff, immediately revealing an expression as if he was going to puke, “What is this smelly thing?”

“Fierce Leopard blood and Zhu Yan liver was added to today’s medicine. These two are very effective in healing wounds. Normal people can’t afford such expensive medicinal ingredients.”

Yu Ren Shu shoved the bowl to Jiang Chao Ge with a wrinkled nose, “Not drinking it, too stinky.”

Uncle He advised: “Sir, bear with it a little and drink it. This is very good for your wounds.”

“No, I’m about to puke from the smell.” Yu Ren Shu stood up from the deck chair allowing no explanation, hobbling the whole way back to his room. Uncle He and Jiang Chao Ge were left looking at each other in dismay.

Uncle He said: “Sir, can you go persuade him?”

“Yeah leave it to me.”

“Oh that’s right sir, did you find any news about this ‘Wang Qin’ person these past couple of days?”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “No. This person doesn’t even seem to be in Da Liang City.”

“If he is someone with spiritual power, there will definitely be people who know him.”

“I also think so. Perhaps he is only a normal person. Uncle He can you help keep an eye out as well?”

“Of course of course.”

Jiang Chao Ge went to find Yu Ren Shu holding the bowl of medicine. Looking at his back, Uncle He’s eyes darkened.

As soon as he entered, Tian Rong was already standing with his arms crossed in the room saying with a reprimanding tone: “Are you even a man? Actually not drinking medicine because it tastes bad.”

“Uncle He will heal me anyway, what can happen if I don’t drink it once.” Yu Ren Shu retorted: “Do you know what is a man? Men prefer being capable, courageous, responsible not whether or not they want to drink a bowl of medicine.”

“You’re even afraid to drink a bowl of medicine and you bring up courage?”

Yu Ren Shu raised his voice: “When was I ‘afraid’ to drink medicine? I just don’t want to drink it!”

“Is there a difference?”

Jiang Chao Ge handed the medicine to Tian Rong, “How about you work it out between yourselves?”

Tian Rong took the medicine and glared ferociously at Yu Ren Shu.

Yu Ren Shu took a deep breath, stretched out his hand and said through gritted teeth: “Give it to me.”

Tian Rong passed the medicine over. Yu Ren Shu received it, took a deep breath and suddenly poured the medicine down his throat with a few gulps.

That stench drifted faintly in the air, able to induce the feeling of wanting to puke just from the smell.

After Yu Ren Shu drank it all, he threw away the medicine bowl ferociously, covering his mouth and gagging for a while, face becoming bright red with restraint. Tian Rong stroked his back, helping him breath, “Ok ok you drank it all. Don’t puke, swallow it.”

Yu Ren Shu forcefully swallowed the medicine, coughing so much tears leaked from the corners of his eyes.

Zhi Xuan laughed hysterically. After laughing for a while, he suddenly turned his head to look at Jiang Chao Ge and said seriously: “See? If you don’t properly listen to me and shorten your life, you’ll also have to drink such bad medicine later.”

Jiang Chao Ge said with a 囧 face: “Aiya, how scary.” He suddenly remembered, “Where’s Long Xiang and Zui You?”

“Zui You wanted to go out to play no matter what. Long Xiang took him out.”

Zhi Xuan sneezed, “What’s the use of hiding? Anyone with spiritual power will know we are spirit beasts.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “That’s true. However people who recognise us know what not to ask. Furthermore, it’s not that strange if one Heaven grade spirit weapon appears but if three appeared at once, Uncle He will be scared to death.”

Yu Ren Shu glanced at Tian Rong gloomily, “Did you hear? Hurry up and return to the weapon.”

“I can return but I will still make sure you eat your medicine.” A flash of aggression passed through Tian Rong’s wild eyes.

“Ok ok, I know.”

The Third Prince who lived as royalty from a young age, had tasted all the hardships he hadn’t tasted in more than twenty years in these short few months. Even so he didn’t complain much at all but rather always carried out his own goals. This was one point Jiang Chao Ge really admired him for.

A few days later, Uncle He had pretty much recovered enough of his spiritual power and began to heal Yu Ren Shu. Yu Ren Shu’s wounds weren’t as severe as Jiao Jiao . After an afternoon of healing with the addition of expensive beast materials and medicinal herbs, he finally fully recovered.

Now one of the objectives for coming to Da Liang City had been completed. Next they will put all their energy into finding Wang Qin. They had already become used to living in the orphanage and thus planned to continue to live there.

In this period of time, Ruan Qian Xiu got along better and better with the children in the orphanage. Jiao Jiao was always somewhat harsh towards others. Only towards Ruan Qian Xiu did she always call ‘Sister Qian Xiu’ especially sweetly.

One day while eating, Ruan Qian Xiu suddenly said: “If I stay here….. what do you think?”

Jiang Chao Ge froze, “Here? Da Liang City? The orphanage?”

Ruan Qian Xiu nodded, and said with hesitation: “If I’m here, they definitely won’t have to worry about necessities.”

“But you will bring a fatal disaster to them.” Long Xiang said rudely: “Did you forget that you are now a target of Blood Temple?”

Ruan Qian Xiu didn’t seem the least bit surprised by this answer. She only looked despondently at the delicate translucent grains of rice in her bowl and nodded. That moment of hesitation from before had vanished without a trace. She said calmly: “I didn’t forget. I was only saying it casually.”

Jiang Chao Ge knew that in this period of time, Ruan Qian Xiu had been together with Jiao Jiao and the rest from day to night and had already developed feelings. This kind of feeling of camaraderie with people of the same suffering was something Ruan Qian Xiu couldn’t experience with others. So it made her especially sympathetic even producing a hazy sense of belonging.

Zhi Xuan curled his lip, “Why must humans live together?”

“It’s too lonely by yourself.” Jiang Chao Ge said.

Zhi Xuan stared unblinkingly at him: “Will you also be lonely by yourself?.


“But you have me.” Zhi Xuan said seriously.

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “So now I’m not lonely anymore.”

Zhi Xuan revealed a ‘that’s how it should be’ expression of satisfaction and especially permitted Jiang Chao Ge to shell peanuts for him, eating it one by one.

In a blink of an eye, they’d already stayed in Da Liang City for half a month. Yu Ren Shu was already healthy and active but Wang Qin’s whereabouts were still unclear. Jiang Chao Ge felt that they couldn’t continue to waste time like this. They’d arrived in the north after much difficulty and he was unwilling to give up so easily. He turned it over and over in his head and decided to use a special strategy. Asking openly didn’t work so he’ll try a bit of digging. In the past when he was on the streets, if they wanted to find someone, there was a method that was often quicker than using police.

He found Uncle He, and asked him to take him to a snake like figure in Da Liang City.

Uncle He said surprised: “You want to find Wang Qin through them?”

Jiang Chao Ge nodded.

Uncle He hesitated for a moment, “Sir, can I ask why you want to find this person?”

“It’s inconvenient to say.”

Uncle He whispered: “It’s useless to look for them. If you want to find someone, I have a better way.”

“Oh? Tell me.”

“Have you heard of blood temple? It’s the largest intelligence organisation in the north. As long as you don’t lack money, they’ll definitely find the person you’re looking for.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s gaze shifted and said calmly: “I can’t afford to pay Blood Temple’s commission. Forget about it then.”

Uncle He nodded, “Alright. I’m also unfamiliar with the forces within the streets and alleys of Da Liang City. I’ll help you ask.”

“Alright, as fast as possible please.”

In order to find Wang Qin, Jiang Chao Ge had already continuously rushed about for multiple days. He wasted time during the day to search for people so he had to use resting time at night to cultivate. One night, as he was cultivating with his eyes shut, Zhi Xuan who was sleeping in bed by his side, suddenly sat up abruptly. His spiritual power scattered from the jump scare, bouncing around everywhere in his meridians, narrowly avoiding a disaster. He hurried to control his spiritual power, opening his eyes with a forehead full of sweat.

Zhi Xuan stood on the bed, golden pupils frighteningly bright, small fists tightly clenched, thin body trembling slightly. He gritted his teeth, expression serious and ruthless even carrying a faint bit of excitement.

Jiang Chao Ge said surprised: “Zhi Xuan, what’s wrong?”

“I hear Ren Wang’s voice.”

“Ren Wang?” Jiang Chao Ge strained his ears with all his might and still couldn’t hear anything.

“At a very faraway place, Ren Wang is roaring. That’s a sound of provocation. He’s met another ancient rare beast!”

Jiang Chao Ge’s eyes widened: “You sure?”

“I’m sure. If it’s not a evenly matched opponent, Ren Wang wouldn’t let out such a roar.” Zhi Xuan paced to and fro on the bed, “Who can it be? It can’t be Yin Chuan. Yin Chuan wouldn’t fight with Ren Wang. Who can it be then?”

Jiang Chao Ge brought him over and began to send spiritual energy into his body, “Calm down. Concentrate and listen carefully. Where is it coming from?”

Zhi Xuan took a deep breath, closed his eyes and listened carefully again, “Less than 400 Li to the east from where we are. It’s very possible it’s already out of the north, at least at the border between the north and the central region.”

“Then it’s near Bei Yue Mountain?”

“Correct.” Zhi Xuan’s voice seemed so excited to the point of trembling slightly, “Would really like to see who did Ren Wang actually meet.”

Jiang Chao Ge thought for a moment and got out of bed: “I’m going to find Yu Ren Shu. Perhaps it’s already too late to hide the secret of Divine grade spirit weapons.”

Yu Ren Shu was shaken from his dreams in the middle of the night by Jiang Chao Ge and was about to display a prince’s temper. As soon as he heard Jiang Chao Ge’s reason, he was suddenly awake and said resolutely: “Quick, go have a look!”

A distance of less than 400 Li could be reached in just three hours if Tian Rong ran full speed. They must go see which ancient rare beast Ren Wang had met!

After riding horses out of the city, they immediately sat on Tian Rong’s back and rushed towards the east.

Yu Ren Shu’s face was full of anxiety. Jiang Chao Ge’s heart was also a mess. If the news of an ancient rare beast awakening spread across all of Tian Ling, then what kind of panic would envelop into this world!

seperate bridges and roads/桥归桥、路归路- what he means here is basically that he’ll organise things as they should be, for example bridges should just be bridges and roads will remain roads they won’t intermingle

Translator’s Corner

And here’s the new chapter guys ~\(≧▽≦)/~

My heart aches for Ruan Qian Xiu and her situation. Someone let her be with Jiao Jiao (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`). On another note there seems be another rare beast awakening on the horizon 👀 wonder who it is

And now on with the theories! Many of you guys were very curious about Uncle He’s identity and backstory and I very much agree. Some details in this chapter further elude to the idea that he is more than he seems. Could he be the Wang Qin they’re looking for? But then if he was Wang Qin would he really bring up the idea of Blood Temple? Hmmmm so many more questions than answers

In the same line a lot of you also seemed to be looking forward to seeing Zhi Xuan use his newfound knowledge 🌚 Now there’s not much of that in this chapter but hey on the bright side Jiang Chao Ge’s status has been upgraded from servant to peanut shelling servant 🤣

That’s all folks! See y’all next time XD

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