JCG & SW Chapter 55 Part 1

“Sss….. can you be gentler? Hurts like hell.” Jiang Chao Ge's face twisted in pain. Yun Xi’s movements paused: “I'm not the one that hit you.” “You're creating a second wound by wrapping like this do you know that?” Yun Xi stared at him for a while with a tilted head: “You use so many … Continue reading JCG & SW Chapter 55 Part 1

JCG & SW Chapter 54

Jiang Chao Ge recognised the beautiful bird with crimson eyes and purple and green feathers as the extremely poisonous Zhen. Seated atop the Zhen was actually the beggar that sold them the Na Wu Pouch yesterday! That beggar still wore tattered clothes and had a gloomy face. Only his movements weren't sloppy at all. Facing … Continue reading JCG & SW Chapter 54